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Tired of walking the same route all the time, seeing the same thing, going to the same park, alone or with the kids?
Look no further,  because we have some of the most interesting routes Almere has to offer. 

Most of the routes in this list are in or around nature. Due to Covid-19 closures, most of the hospitality facilities available at some of these locations are closed or they only offer take-away to their customers.

The favorite of many Almereders is the Kemphaan Stadlandgoed. De Kemphaan is located near Almere Hout. It has a country-away-from-the-city-buzz feeling to it. 
It is a perfect place to unwind and walk at the same time. Even with most activities closed, you can still enjoy what the Kemphaan has to offer. 

They have a small pasture with goats and sheeps, and pigs a little bit further away, on the other side of the green.  Depending on the weather though, when it is too cold the animals are moved to a warmer place. They also have routes posted around the park for you to explore. The routes vary from 2km - 20km. 

Fun fact: they also have a maze that the kids can enjoy.

Photo credit: Unsplash

This forest is not only a forest, but also a monument, a remembrance of the resistance from occupation during the Second World War. In this park/forest alone, 2000 trees were planted by hand, where each tree represents one of the fallen resistance members from World War II. 

Upon arriving at the car park, you will be greeted by the monument stone wheel where each of the names of the fighters is etched on a beautiful stone. One has to experience it in person to truly feel how special this place is. 

There is also an area where no dogs are allowed. This was intentional, to foster a more tranquil place for peace and reflection. As a bonus, if your kids are scared of dogs, here they can run and climb some of the trees without any fear of dogs “eating” them. 

Fun tidbit: did you know that the direct translation of onverzettelijk is immovable?

Photo credit: Tashline Kartens and Londile Dlamini

The neighbour of the Bos der Onverzettelijken, is the ever charming, introverted Hanny Schaftpark. This park has the most beautiful canopy I have experienced in such a small park. 

When you walk here you can pretend you are in some procession on a special occasion. Make believe is not only for children! Especially now, where we need a little escape from reality even for a little while. 

Scattered around the park are exercise equipment, if the mood strikes you to work out. There is also a newly-christened small play area with a small maze. The maze is still in its infancy, but it is nonetheless nice for the kids.

Photo credit: Jyri Lutz

Head on over across a small bridge past the school, to Waterwijk, to enjoy the smell of open water and the view of the Verzetspark and Hanny park. You can make a nice round starting from Bos der Onverzettelijken, past Hanny Schaftpark, Leeghwaterplas, and back to Bos der Onverzettelijken. This walk totals about 4.5 km.

Photo credit: Wilma Hoogendoorn


Situated just outside the city centre in the district of Filmwijk, Lumièrepark offers everything for everybody, boasting a vast open space where you find young and old engaged in many sports activities, and young lovers nurturing their courtship. 

This park houses one of the most popular beaches in Almere and
they also have an insect hotel that will surely pique the interest of your children. Just a tip, brush up on your entomological general
knowledge because there will be many questions coming from your little ones.

Photo credits: Daan van Gaalen


Any district but the area next to the speeltuin de Speelhaven. The playground has been renewed with new sports and play facilities. 

Almere Haven is in itself the oldest district of Almere. The way the streets are designed and a different architecture than one is used to in the newer parts of Almere.  

These are just the highlights, more is coming. Enjoy your walks, may they bring you peace. Until then, stay healthy, stay active!

Compiled and written by: Londile Dlamini

The #abcdewalkathon registration begins on the 15th of December and continues through January 31, 2021 (Yes, this means you can even join at the very last day of the Virtual Walkathon).

We will begin tracking our walks from December 21 until the 31st of January.
We have a starting community target of 10KM as accumulated walked distance. If we reached the 10KM fast and earlier than the end date of the Walkathon, we will advance up to a new target. 

Participants will walk in and around Almere, by themselves or with the entire family. As a child-centric group, ABCDE understands the importance of flexibility. Thus, the ABCDEwalkathon is a virtual event; you walk wherever and whenever is most convenient. 

Remember, we are in this together, the global community works together to fight against this fast-spreading virus and we will surely win. In the meantime, stay safe, stay strong, stay connected, and walk ON!

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